Become serial: The death of Matthew Jameson

The death of Matthew Jameson

  Five weeks later. The police department was still searching for the murderer of Matthew Jameson. They have talked with all of his kin, his friends, interrogate all of the suspects, collected different clues, but none of these seems to help them to find the answer of the main question: "Who is the killer?". The director of the police department has decided to appoint one of the top detectives for this case, because the pressure from the media and the questions from the citizens grew regularly day by day.

  Kenneth Jones had the reputation of one of the best in the city. Despite being 29 and worked as a detective in crime investigation department for just 3 years, he has revealed all of his cases. Kenneth received his new task and decided to start with taking home all of the reports. The only information that he had for case, was heard commentaries and rumors, flying at the police department.

  It was already half past eleven and only the night lamps were giving light to the dark landscape in the neighborhood. Josephine Jameson was standing on the sofa in the living room, holding a photo from her wedding day and crying for her lost husband. She was sobbing a phrase again and again:

- How such a good and young man deserved such an end - and then she turned her look to the roof of the room.

  After that she looked at the photo again and continues crying. Suddenly a strange noise came out from the neighbor's garage. Josephine startled. She was a little bit confused, but decided to stand up and to go near the window. Mrs. Jameson did not noticed anything at first sight, but some seconds later, she saw a young guy, who ran out of Tomas' garage with a spray in his hand. While running, the boy turned his face to Jameson's house and she recognized him. Immediately a scared grimace appeared on her face. She saw Franck Smith, the younger brother of the girl who called his husband at the day of his death. Josephine thought:

  "This is strange. What is he doing here? Does he break into the right house? May be he wanted to break into our house and to scare me or he had some other motives. That's not normal, he is a vandal. This freak deserves a punishment."

  At the next day Thomas Allen went into his garage to wax his car. He did this procedure once a month with a big smile on his face. Thomas was taking care for it at least 4 hours per week. He cleaned every part again and again. Mr. Allen made just one step in and was so scared and so furious of the look. He found some strange painted inscriptions on the car:

"You deserved this. You ruined our lives"

  Thomas Allen went directly to the local police department. He filled out a complaint form and wrote on the field “reason”:

“Someone broke into my garage and painted my car with strange inscriptions.”

   He filled out also the police questionnaire, where he marked that he was single pensioner, with no enemies, no scandals or anything strange in his normal life. At the time he finished with the filling he said:

- Hey mister - and pointed at one of the officers - Yes, I'm talking to you. I'm an ex-soldier. A major. How is it possible not to receive the proper attention? You have to take care for such cases. You have to control such children!

- Calm down. We will try to solve the problem as fast as possible - answered the officer with clich├ęd phrase and added - I promise you that your case will be solved. We are here to protect you.

- I hope you will - answered Thomas. - I hope that these children will learn their lesson. They have to be arrested, because this is the way to educate them.

  Three weeks later a dead body was found, the body of Franck Smith, a 23 year old. Here is a part of the police report:

"The body was found near the lake in the city park. No visible scars or wounds. The victim was twenty three year old. The police pathologist noticed that the boy died from heart attack, but there was a strange level of: bacterium in his blood. The bacterium is from a microbial pesticide. In some ways this is similar to case#391256 the murder of Matthew Jameson."

  The young police officer Jordan Collins received the case to reveal the death of Franck Smith. He read carefully the report from the case and noticed the connection with case#391256. Mr. Collins noticed also one interesting fact, his icon in the profession, Kenneth Jones, received the case. This made him so happy, because he saw an opportunity to work with detective Jones and the possibility to demonstrate his abilities. The motivated young policeman decided to check several times the reports for the case in order not to miss anything. He wrote some notes with interesting clues and made a list with the names of the possible suspects.

  On the other day officer Collins went to the neighborhood of the victim's house. After long hours of interrogations he found out that the victim was a member of a group for controlling behavioral aggression and that he was visiting it every Wednesday. The boy had to visit the group as a part of active sentence for vandalism. In the list of the members, Jordan found one common name - Kevin Moore, one of the suspects for the death of Matthew Jameson, immediately he became a suspect in his case.

  The next step of the investigation of Mister Collins was to ask some questions to the victim's sister, Coleen Smith. Normally, he went to her house and knocked at the door.

- Hello Ms Smith. I'm sorry for your loss. My name is Jordan Collins and I’m investigating the death of your brother.

- Hello officer.

- Can I ask you some questions? – asked politely Jordan.

- Yes you can.

- How close you were with your brother?

- Not much. He was aggressive young kid with bad childhood. He become member of a gang and has done some awful things. I didn't accept that and try to talk with him a couple of times, but he just passed me away. He deserved a lesson, something to turn his life back to normal spin. Accidentally that happened. May be this was what he deserved. May be someone from the street, member of a gang, angry drug seller or someone other did this, but I can truly admit that my brother was not a person who helped the community. - said Coleen without even gave a grimace of sadness.

  This seemed a little bit strange to Jordan. He even decided to write Coleen's name as one of the suspects, because of these strange thoughts. Then he continued:

- Strange things happened around you miss. First, it was your call to Matthew Jameson at the day of his death and now the "deserved" death of your brother. Do we have to expect some other deaths? – asked aggressively Jordan.

- Do you mean that I'm a suspect? That I did this? You think that I've killed two men? Yeah, I think that Franck deserved punishment for what he did, but wait a minute after all he is my brother. I'm not a psycho. And Matthew Jameson? Come on! I've just met him at that day and he was flirting with me – defended herself Coleen.

- Ok, madam. Could you tell me, if your brother had any enemies or someone that threatened him? – change the course the young officer.

- Yes, of course. As I said, he was a guy from the street, a member of a gang. I think you know what happens at the streets more than me and you understand what this means. He has done some stuffs, may be you know about his sentences. I think he had enemies, but you better ask some of his friends, but I doubt that they will discuss something with police officers.

- Do you know any of them?

- No, officer. As I said, I was not close with Franck.

- Ok, thank you madam. I'll contact you if I found something. – finish the conversation Jordan.

- OK. Bye.

  At the late evening, just before going home, Jordan Collins received a call to his official phone. He picked the phone out of his pocket and answered:

- Yeah. Ok. I see. I'll come in a minute.

  After this quick conversation he went to the police department in the quarter of Jameson's house. There he understood that fingerprints of the victim, Franck Smith, were found in the garage of Thomas Allen. The young Smith broke into the garage and painted the car which was there with some inscriptions. Jordan wrote some useful notes in his notebook and then went home.

  It was long night, with a lot of rereading of reports, notes, checking of pictures and making connections between suspects.  At the next morning Officer Collins decided that he was ready to meet his idol. He dialed the number of Kenneth Jones and started the conversation:

- Hello, I'm a police officer Jordan Collins – his voice was a little shaky.

- Hi, Mister Collins, how can I help you? – answered strictly detective Jones.

- I want to meet you in order to share some achievement on your case, the Matthew Jameson death. It's connected to my case. – said enthusiastically the young officer.

- Ok, let's meet in an hour in the park near his house?

- I'll be there.

Jordan heard the sound of the closed phone and went out. He entered in his car and said: “YES”. He started the engine and departed. An hour later:

- Hello detective Jones, nice to meet you.

- Hi, Collins, did I remember properly?

- I'm a great fan of your work. I hope that one day I'll become detective, too. - said Jordan with a grimace of a little child that just received an ice cream.

- Thanks. Let's continue with your disclosures. – broke the moment of happiness, detective Jones.

- I received a case for the death of a young boy, called Franck Smith. Two weeks before his death the boy broke into the garage of Thomas Allen and wrote on his car: "You deserved this. You ruined our lives". The boy was a brother of Coleen Smith.

- Wait a minute - interrupted him the detective - the same Coleen Smith?

- Yes, it will become weirder. Coleen didn't like her brother and thought that he deserved a punishment for his behavior. The boy had an active sentence for vandalism and was a member of a group for controlling aggression, where a member was also – Jordan made a pause – Mr. Kevin Moore. As you could expect they've had some bitter disputes.

- Mr. Moore – asked amazed detective Jones – You were right, this looks a lot weird.

- I have some doubts that the boy mistaken the house. I think that he wanted to do this to the Jameson's car, in order to express his discontent for the interrogations of his sister and the police visit to his house. 

- But you said that they were not so close?

- Yeah, but what about a brothers protection and his hatred of the police?

- OK, so you mean that you suspect the same persons?

- Yeah. And in the body of the victim was found a strange quantity of pesticide, once again.

- The same killer?

- I think so.

- OK, let's summarize, we suspect Thomas Allen, Coleen Smith and Kevin Moore for the death of the boy and we add to this list Mrs. Jameson for her husband's murderer.

- Yes, but I think we should interrogate Miss Jameson for my case, too. May be there is a connection with the boy. You never know.

- We have nothing to lose. Let's go.

  Josephine Jameson was making lunch for her and her daughter when someone knocked on the door. She looked through the eye-hole and saw detective Jones and a young police officer with him.

- Hello officers. How can I help you?

- Hello Miss Jameson. This is Mister Collins. He is investigating the death of a young boy who entered your neighbor's garage.

- Argh. I was awake when that happened. The whole noise scared me a lot.

- Did you saw anything? - asked quickly Jordan.

- No. I heard a strange noise and just hide. I've been scared.

- OK, I see. - answered Jones.

- The boy that broke into the garage was the brother of Coleen Smith. - said Collins and noticed that Josephine changed her look. - He was found death. We think that the killer is the same.

Josephine started crying and sobbed:

- You mean, that the person who killed my Mat, is the person who killed the boy?

- Yes, madam. Do you know the victim? - asked Collins showing a picture of Franck Smith.

- No. Do you think that he wanted to do this on our car? - said Josephine and wiped her tears.

- We are not sure Miss Jameson - answered detective Jones - we are still investigating. Thank you. If we find something we will contact you.

- Thanks officers.

Detective Jones and officer Collins walked outside the yard of Jameson's house and stop on the sidewalk.

- I think she is hiding something - said Jordan.

- Yes, definitely. I've showed her a picture of Coleen and Franck when I've interrogated her.

- Hmm. Maybe she doesn't remember. She is in shock.

- Lets go and talk with the neighbor, Thomas Allen, but put a big question mark to Josephine Jameson's name. - said the detective.

Thomas Allen saw through the window that two police officers headed to his yard and went out quickly.

- Keep the grass officers. - said Thomas.

- Ok, mister.

- Are you here, because of these annoying boys that ruined my car? Did you found something?

- Hello, Mister Allen. I'm detective Jones and this is officer Collins.

- Hello.

- Yes we are here, because we found who broke into your garage. - answered the detective.

- Argh. I loved the car and this freaks, they deserve to learn their lesson. The paint was original and they've ruined it. Now I should repaint it. You have to arrest them and I hope they will be convicted. They have to stay in jail. – said Mr. Allen with a clear feel of anger.

- It's not "they", it's him. A young boy, called Franck Smith.

- So you know his name? Did you arrest him? Can I talk with him?

- No, he is found death.

- Hm. That's a bit over what I've wanted.

- We came just to inform you Mister Allen.

- Ok officers. Thanks. You did a good job.

  An hour or two later, both of the officers stood over a table and stared at scattered documents. Two meters away, on a board, were hooked the pictures of the suspects with some notes and links that were connecting them. They look a lot tired but still motivated to solve the puzzle.

- My favorite is Thomas Allen - said detective Jones.

- The neighbor? I don't think so - replied the young officer. I suspect this guy Kevin Moore, but still we have not to forget both of the women.

So could you guess who is the killer?

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