Forgotten crime: The death of Matthew Jameson

Become serial: The death of Matthew Jameson

  After long and tiring investigation detective Jones and young police officer Collins finally decided that they have enough evidences to put the case in court. They went to the local prosecutor Jacob Clark, who was fighting his way to become regional prosecutor as soon as possible. Clark earned good reputation by putting a lot of criminals in prison and finished almost every of his cases with a guilty sentence.

- Hello, how can I help you? - said the young and beautiful secretary.
- Hi. We're here to meet Mr. Clark. - said Jones.
- Do you have an appointment? - asked she politely.
- Now, but I'm a police detective and we have a case to present.
- OK, I'll ask him.

Jacob Clark opened the door of his cabinet and saw a known face.
- Hi Collins. What do you have for me?
- Hello Jacob, this is Jordan Collins, a police officer who I worked with on two murders. Let's us explain you in your cabinet?
- OK, come in. - and he pointed the way with his hand.

An hour later the prosecutor and the detective were arguing loudly.

- But, how could you even imagine cutting us out on this? Come on Jacob, it's clear as a day.
- Keneth, you know that I'm with you every time we can put a criminal in prison. But this time it's different. You are counting only on your flair and your experience. I know the judges and they will not sentence an ex-soldier, a hero from the Vietnam War, to prison, when the only evidence is that he maintains his yard. If you want me behind you, you have to work harder and find more specific evidences. If this guy is guilty you will find a clue. You are the one who could reveal the mystery. I'm sorry but I have to tell this, to me this case is "forgotten crime".

  Jordan Collins looked at the furious detective on the way out of the prosecutor's office. Both of them were far away from satisfied. Weeks of hard work were just thrown away and they were at a deadlock situation. The detective and the police officer tried to find something in the next months but they did not succeed. The reputation of Keneth Jones was ruined. This was the first murderer who slipped out from his hands and this was bringing him nightmares. After all, the killer of Matthew Jameson and Franck Smith escaped unpunished. Will he ever kill again is a question yet to be answered.

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