What is the idea behind killer story?

The idea of this blog is simple, but I think that it could be interesting to the visitors. I will write a mystery crime story in which the killer won't be revealed. So the real detectives would be the readers of killer story. The direction of the development of the stories held in readers minds and hands. They should assume who is the killer in the story and reveal him by voting in the polls.

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How killer story will proceed?

Who are the detectives?

As I already mentioned detectives are the readers of this blog. They have to find out who is the killer and to reveal him by voting for him in the poll.

What kind of readers are supposed to visit killer story?

The answer is simple, everyone who is interested in revealing mysteries.

What are my messages to the readers?

First of all I want to say that I really hope that my imagination will create interesting crime stories, that all the visitors will enjoy solving. If that happen then I will be completely satisfied with my project.

Secondly, I want to ask the readers just one question: "Could you guess who is the killer in the story?".

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