Milestones and rules, or how KillerStory will proceed

KillerStory milestones

  As I have already said in the previous article, I will publish a new mystery story, once a milestone is reached. So it is normal, before giving a green light to the first story, to share all the milestones with you.

Popular story: Once the latest published article reaches 1 000 reads, I will reveal the crime by publishing a new short post. The reason for this milestone is that I consider such a story as a popular one. As it is in normal life, if a murder becomes very popular sooner rather than later it becomes resolved, because a lot more and better resources are directed to this crime.

Famous murderer: In every story, I will include poll with the suspects. If one of the suspects reaches 200 votes, then the murderer will become famous and it is normal to unveil the mystery. The cause of this milestone is similar as the "popular story". The difference is, that I think that once a murderer becomes popular, he makes a mistake, because of the elation of the fame. The poll will look like that:

  Be aware that the layout of the poll is not ordered by any evidences or suspicions. The order is just formal, so you do not have to chose the first one.

Forgotten crime: I think, especially at the beginning, when KillerStory will be a small and unknown project, it will be normal that one story will not reach any of the previous milestones. In that situation "forbidden crime" is needed. If a story is published for over a two months, and none of the milestones is reached, I will put a mark "forgotten crime" and the murder will be unpunished. In that situation it will be possible that the crime will escalate to a serial murder or just be forgotten as a cold case. If it becomes serial, the next article will be with the same murder and I will surely emphasize this fact.

  I expect that KillerStory will grow and of course as this happens the milestone will evolve and I will publish new post with the current milestones and rules.


  When writing and publishing a new story, I will try to follow some simple rules in order to make the stories in the same frame. Of course I will make everything possible in order to make them different, interesting and mysterious. If you have any suggestions, advices or critics you can feel invited to share them with me. There are some rules for the readers as well.

1) Every story will have at least 3 suspects.
2) Every article will have a police officer included.
3) If it is not following a forbidden crime story, every new history will be on new place with new surroundings.
4) Commenting of the stories is accessible, but all comments containing spam, adult content or offensive words will not be published.
5) Every reader can vote once on a computer.

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