What is KillerStory?

  I will start with the short answer - KillerStory is a blog. But it is not a blog about the non-popular flop movie directed by Garrett Clancy (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401448/). Nevertheless my blog and this movie have something in common - the mystery stories.

  I am a person who is very keen on movies. I can admit that I am movie maniac. My favorite direction of cinema is crime and mystery genre. There is something that I really admire and it is a great suspense with unexpected and unpredictable final of the movies. That is completely true for books, too. I have thought sometimes that I can create a better end or a better plot and that is the main reason why I have decided to create KillerStory.

  Killer Story is a blog, where I will publish a mystery stories as a riddles for the readers. In every story, there will be crime which will not be exposed. It will be visitors duty, to find out who is the guilty person. All the evidences and clues will be in the story, so now you know the origin of the name - Killer Story.

  I will try to create interesting, diverse and intricate stories. The mystery in every story will be revealed once a milestone is reached (i.e. the story is read 1000 times, there are 50 correct answers and others.). All the milestones will be published and followed in every story, so the readers can track them.

I hope that you will enjoy Killer Story.

Finally, I want to ask you "Can you guess who is the killer in the story?".

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