Expecting the first story

  Someone may find it superstitious, someone may not, but the first ever crime story in Killer Story will be published on 13 of April, despite it being Saturday. I have decided that this is a good date to take the step and give a start of my project.

  The story will be about a successful young man and father of a three year old child.  Matthew Jameson open his eyes and smiled, because it was beautiful April morning and he has a free day. Mat stand from the bed and goes for refreshing himself in the bathroom, he get dressed and went down for a breakfast. His wife Josephin made him pancakes, just before going to ride their daughter to a kindergarten and then go to work. Matthew entered the kitchen and smiled at the delicious breakfast, thinking that this will be a wonderful day. He eat some of the pancakes, drink a coffee and went out for doing some daily tasks.

  If you want to follow the development of the story, stay tunned to Killer Story. After 13 days you could find out what happened to Matthew Jameson and you could guess "Who is the killer in the story?".

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