The death of Matthew Jameson

  Matthew Jameson opens his eyes and smiles, because it is a beautiful April morning and he has a free day. Matt stands from the bed and goes for refreshing himself in the bathroom. Finally he gets dressed and goes down for a breakfast. His wife Josephine made him pancakes, just before going to ride their daughter to the kindergarten and then went to work. Matthew enters the kitchen and smiles once again, this time at the delicious breakfast, thinking that this is a great start for a wonderful day. He eat some of the pancakes, drunk a cup of coffee and went out for doing some of his daily tasks.

  Matt gets on his bicycle and took his phone out of his pocket, in order to check the daily task list. He decides that the first thing to be done is to go to the shop, in order to buy some products. At the moment he passed his yard and went on the neighbor’s one, he spotted his neighbor. Thomas Allen was calm and tidy man, who is entering his late 50's. He lost his wife 6 years ago and now lives alone in his duplex house. He was an ex army major, obsessed with his car and the grass in his yard. At this moment Tom was fixing his mower. Matthew waved him and said politely:

- Good morning Tom. How are you today?
- Good morning to you too. Same old, Matt, same old. I'm just fixing the mower.
- OK. Have a nice day Tom. Bye.
- Bye.

  Matt continues his trip to the local shop, driving on the bicycle lane. He was almost at the shop when he met his ex colleague Kevin Moore. They greet each other:

- Hi, Kevin.
- Hi, Matt - muttered mister Moore, his grimace suggested that he is not happy to meet Matt.

  Matthew remembers that when working together, they had a dispute that almost escalated to a fight. Both of them were incompliant and temperament persons and once when they have to make a decision for solving a problem, none of them stepped back. The dispute transform quickly in some offensive words thrown at each other and even a threats for a fight, but their colleagues shaken them. Two weeks later Kevin was fired, because of this case. The official reason was "violate his colleague's rights and company's working rules". There are still some rumors that Kevin tries everything possible in order to ruin Matt's reputation. They continue without saying anything else.

  Some minutes later, Matt went in the shop and took his phone. He searched for the shopping list made by his wife and started to put the products in the shopping cart one by one. Only one of the products remains to be picked - three bottles of milk. Matthew searched on four different shelves but he could not find it, so he decided to ask the shop boy:

- Excuse me mister. Where could I find the milk?
- What? - shouted the young seller, without even look at Matt and continue playing on his tablet.
- I said, excuse me. Where could I find the milk? – answers Matt with a note of anger.
- Argh, why all of you are so disoriented. It's right next to the cornflakes. You should turn around and look at the end of the shelf. - answered the boy.

  Matt decides that he could forget the reaction, buys the milk and then to went home without entering in any scandals. He got the bottles from the spot, checked the expiration date and noticed that it was one week ago. That pissed him off. He went at the cash desk and asked sharply the shop boy:

- How is it possible to sell milk with expiration date, which passed a week ago? It's normal when you put it at such a hidden place. That's normal. Could you call the manager? I want to speak with him.
- Let me check it - said the young boy - yeah, it passed. You could take another one. I think that there are some bottles delivered yesterday.
- Are you kidding me? - Matt raised his voice once again - Could you call the manager?
- No, man. He's on vacation. Stop overreacting and just take another one.
- That is disgrace. How is it supposed that I will come back again? Are you thinking that this will end like this? I will not take milk from here. - Matt seemed more and more pissed.

He put the products on the cash desk and said:

- Mark all. I will pay with card.

  The boy started to mark the products one by one and did everything possible to slow the process. HE thought that Matt deserves lesson for his behavior. Matt paid and went out of the shop thinking that this will not ruin his day off work. The boy said:

- Man, you deserve a lesson. Acting like this is not normal.

  Two blocks away from the shop, Matthew was riding his bicycle and was just about to crash at a young brunette, who was walking on the bicycle lane. He was just about to shout, when the girl turned around and he noticed that she was very beautiful.

- Hello. Do you now that it's not OK to walk on the bicycle lane?
- Hi. Yeah I know, sorry. I was talking on the phone with my ex boyfriend and I was not careful. Excuse me, but it's not my day today.
- Oh, I see. You just don't have to be in bad mood on such a beautiful day. Look at the sky, look at the sun! You are young and beautiful! You should call one of your friends and get a lot of fun today.
- Hah. Thanks. - said she and blushes. Then she looks at Matt from the head to the feet and thought that he was attractive.
- But please, be careful when you call your friends, not to cross the bicycle lane, because someone may jump over you.
- Sometimes, that's not bad.
- Yes. It's a way to introduce to an attractive young woman – said Matt and smile at her.
- Thanks again. – said she and put a finger through his hair.
- I see that you are not calling, 773-338-7786.
- What?
- You are not calling your friends. So, 773-338-7786, that's my number. You can call me in an hour and I will try to make your day.
- Wow. OK.
- I'm Matt, by the way.
- Nice to meet you Matt, I'm Coleen.
- I'll go now, so bye. See you later.
- Bye, Matt. – said she with a smile.

  Matt gets on the bicycle and start riding again. He looks back and saw that she was still looking at him. Some minutes later, his phone rang. Matt pick up, using the hands free:

- Hello.
- Hi Matt, do you still want to spend some hours with me?
- Ah. Coleen?
- Yeah, it's me.
- Let me bring the products back home and I'll call you back, OK?
- You will make the young and beautiful woman waiting for you?
- Haha - he laughed - I'll call you.

  Matt got back home. He saw that Mr. Allen finished the mowing. He passed over one of the ends of the neighbor's yard and reached his garage. Matt leaved the bicycle near his new Toyota Land Cruiser and caught himself thinking of Coleen. He entered home and faced a photo of him, Josephine and his little treasure Jasmin. Matt remembers, the exact moment when the photo was made and decided that he will not call Coleen, but instead he will prepare a dinner for his family.

  On the other day Matthew Jameson was found dead in his garage. The police officers were called by his wife Josephine. In short the police report was:

"The body of Matthew Jameson, 29 years old, male, was found lying on the floor of his garage. The body was stabbed seven times, three in the back and four in the stomach. A gory kitchen knife, with finger prints of Josephine James, was found hidden, near the parked car's wheel.

According the police pathologist, the reason for the death was the lost of blood from the seven wounds, made by a kitchen knife. There is a strange hole made by a needle, right behind the right ear.

The entomologist has marked that there is a quantity of MCPA (2 Methyl, 4-Chlorophenoxy acetic), which means existence of herbicide.

The police officer marked that there is a call which lasted 1 minute with unknown number at 12:37 pm. The number belongs to Colleen Smith."

So could you guess who is the killer?

Become serial: The death of Matthew Jameson

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