Killer story not connected to "Who is the killer"

  Yesterday I was using my Samsung phone, when I noticed, on the app store, an interesting name - "Who is the killer". This is a free game. While playing it you should reveal who is the killer, by talking, playing and guessing. There are two episodes called "The old sins" and "Insomnia". I've noticed that the game have a lot of positive votes and decided to download and play it this weekend. May be in the near future I'll share the experience of playing it.

  The general purpose of my article is to explain that despite the slogan of Killer-story is "Could you guess who is the killer in the story?" and despite there are some similar features, Killer-story has nothing in common with the story of the game nor with it's creators. The rules, the idea and the realizations here are very different and I feel obliged to explain this, because I hope that a lot of the fans of the game will at some point become fans of Killer-story.

  I've noticed that the visitors count is growing, yeah slowly, but growing, so once again I challenge you: "Could you guess who is the killer in the story?", not in the game :)

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