Become serial: cashier killer

Who is the killer of Mary White?

Linda Clark and Eric Adams were at the funeral park, staying just few meters away from the bereaved of Mary White and watching the funeral procession. None of the suspects were there, except the husband Bruce White. It was a moment full of sorrow and sadness. The most frustrating moment for the police officers was the fact that the murderer was still out there.

One week later, a week full of interrogations and clues that leaded to a dead end, officers Clark and Adams were still far away from uncovering the mystery of the murder of Mary White. Detective Linda Clark was at the police department when one of her colleagues said:

- We received an assignment for a murder in the industrial area. A cashier was killed.
- Wait, what? - said the surprised detective - Could you repeat?
- There was a murder in the industrial area. Woman was killed, a cashier. Me and my partner received the assignment.
- Could you call me, when you arrive at the crime since. We are still working on a murder of a cashier with Adams, but in other district.
- OK Linda, I'll do it.

Detective Eric Adams was reading the reports again. He was a bit nervous, because of the fact that they could not find a proper way to continue the investigation. They have checked everything and they were still nowhere near of finding the murder. One thought was bothering him from the moment he wake up that day - "We are missing something". As a detective Adams was frustrated from that thought. The only idea that was leading him was to find the murder, the only thing that he wanted, once he started a new case, was to see the murder in the court and now he felt a bit powerless. His concentration was interrupted:

- Eric, come on. Get your stuff and let's go.
- What's going on? - said detective Adams while collecting his phone and his badge from the police desk.
- There was a murder in the industrial area. A stabbed cashier. Guess what? - the enthusiasm and the passion in the words of Clark was more than obvious.
- It's connected to our case, i guess?
- There was a ten dollar bill and a coin of one cent on the dead body.
- I'll drive. - finished the conversation Eric Adams knowing that they'll find new clues.

Detective Adams parked the cadillac. Both of the detectives were silent and focused. They were full of expectations, hoping that this time they will find something that will help them to catch the murder. Linda Clark came out first. She saw a covered body, several policemen, two detectives and a few reporters. She continue walking until she reach the body.

- Hi. Could you summarize me the situation here?
- Hi Linda. As I said on the phone, a woman was stabbed 6 times. There was a 10 dollar bill and a coin of one cent on the dead body. We've checked that she was cashier in the market three blocks from here. We didn't made any interrogations.
- OK, leave the investigation to us. Me and Adams will take from here.
- Wait, why?
- Cause it's the same murder as the one we're already working on. - answered Eric.
- But the chief gave it to us.
- You could call him if you want.

The detectives started the investigation following the police protocol. They've investigated the crime scene, interrogated the witnesses, collected the video records, wrote the reports and arranged a meeting with the chief at the police station.

Some hours later at the police department:

- Hello chief. - said Adams.
- Hello detectives. - said respectable the chief of the department.
- Let me present you the situation - said Linda, knowing that she has better presentation skills than Eric. - As you know almost two weeks we are working on the murder of Mary White, a 43 year old cashier. We were at dead end, with seven suspects, when another cashier was killed in the early hours today. On both of the bodies we found a ten dollar bill and a coin of once cent. That was a brief. If you want I could present you in details.
- So, did you managed to find suspects for the second murder? And what about the victim is it a woman? Did you found another connections except the profession and the money?
- Look chief, we're just starting the investigation of the second crime. We'll receive the tapes from the street cameras tomorrow, we'll check the tapes from the market after the meeting, also we've sent some clues in the lab and we're waiting for the results. And yes the second victim is also a woman.
- OK, detectives. Go and do your best, cause I don't want a free murderers in my city. We'll meet again in the end of the week. I hope, I really hope that you will have some progress.

The weekend edition of the local press was published with a sensational first page. Obviously they had a mole inside the department, cause they have released a leading page for the serial killer. The leading tittle was: "Serial cashier killer: a step in front of the police". This made the chief more than furious, he asses it as a personal insult. The pressure in the department grew within minutes.

- How they even dare to...A mole in my department. I'll make your days darker than a night. - the chief was shouting in his office, while all of the policemen were wondering and staring at the door. They've never seen him bursting like that.

Eric and Linda had some sleepless nights, trying to solve the mystery. They have prepared their reports for the meeting with the chief, but the situation was changed. The detectives were waiting for the chief to call them. A nervous waiting. The chief open the door of his office and made some steps. Despite being with a sweat forehead, he looked calm. He said:

- Excuse my burst. Eric, Linda please come with me to the meeting room. - said the chief and walked into the room. - Could you tell me what's the progress of the case - said the chief while closing the door.
- Look chief, we have suspects. - hurried to say Eric to soothe his boss.
- Let me present you the report - interrupted him Linda. - The first victim is Mary White, 43 year old woman, killed in the ghetto. She was stabbed 6 times and on the death body we found ten dollar bill and a coin of one cent. The second victim was Susan Jones, 36 year old. On her body we found again a ten dollar bill and a coin of once cent. There was no connection between the bills and the places they've been used. I'll start with Bruce White, the husband of the first victim. We were sure that he was out of suspicion for the death of his wife, but strangely he made a phone call to the second victim. Also he was at the store two days before the crime. We talked with him and he explained that on a meeting of the syndicate of the cashiers, three years ago, the victims met and exchanged their contacts. After that they became friends and helped each other in difficult situations. According to him that was the reason for the call and the visit. We've checked this and it was confirmed. The second suspect is Raymond Mitchell, he had problems with his boss, because he tried to flirt with Mary White. This guy Mitchell was famous within the syndicate. Some of the cashiers told us that he flirted with every woman he saw. Also he had a relationship with Susan Jones. It ended with infidelity and a scandal. The third one is Carl Baker. He was a client in both of the markets. Strangely, cause he live in the suburbs and work in the center, but he had an alibi, confirmed by his mother, for the first murder. Other strange thing about him is that he had a sentence in the past. He was in prison for half a year. The next one is Henry Turner, a driver of milk supplies. He was fined for a couple of deliveries, because Mary and Susan refused to accept them. He had problems with other markets, too. The last one is the owner of the brand Harold Edwards. There's not a lot of information about a problems with the victims, cause he made all of the meetings in private, in his office, but we found out, from Bruce White, that he had a problems with Mary and Susan, because of the salaries. It was expected that both of the cashiers would complain in the next meeting of the syndicate, which will lead to an investigation of IRS and problems for the owner.
- OK, lads. Good job. Could you find a bit more information about the suspects. I need you more motivated than anytime before, cause there's a pressure on me already. We have to give something to the citizens, we have to respond the to press.
Become serial: cashier killer strikes again

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